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How To Get Paid on YouTube With a Google Adsense Account

But once we’ve generated that hard-earned ad revenue how do we physically get paid?

This is luckily quite simple.

Create & Associate a Google AdSense Account to your YouTube Channel
You either apply for a Google AdSense account for your YouTube channel (or associate your existing account to your channel), and after you’ve accumulated enough money you can withdraw your funds.

Withdrawal thresholds differ from territory to territory and you can check what the minimum withdrawal amount is in your country by clicking here.

If you think you are ready to apply for an Adsense account check out this short video (or watch it on the official FAQ Tube channel). Or you may want to check below the video first for the criteria you need to meet to be able to open an account.

There are two types of Google AdSense account available.

The first is a regular account that allows you to place ads on a website or blog that you own or have access to.

The second type is a more limited account that allows you to place ads on your contribution on a Google owned properties such as Blogger or YouTube. This is called a “Host Partner” account and is what we will focus on here as this is relevant for you and the criteria are less demanding.

The 5 Criteria to open a Google Adsense account for YouTube
1. You Must Be Over 18

Sorry all you lil’ Minecrafters – even if you’ve managed to wriggle your way onto the Partner Program, you won’t be able to touch any of that money unless you are 18 years old.

2. Your Google Account Must Be Verified

This is no problem if you are using the same Google account as your YouTube channel because by default if you have Monetization enabled then your account is verified.

However if for some reason you want your AdSense account to be connected to a different Google account you will need to follow the steps for verification.

3. You Must Provide A Valid Postal Address

This is pretty self explanatory but the address must be the same address at which you receive your bank statements (or if you are paperless where the Bank account is registered to).

4. You Must Agree To The Google Adsense Terms & Conditions

As always this is a legal document you are signing up to so read the terms and conditions thoroughly before agreeing to them.

5. You Must Agree To The AdSense Program Policies

​You can read these here and as above you should do so and thoroughly.

The short short version of it is don’t be naughty and especially don’t try to artificially inflate your ad impressions.

This system is not 100% automated and does include some manual review so response times may be delayed.

I’ve never experienced a rejected submission so it’s hard to comment but I assume the reasons are outlined at which point you should hopefully be given a chance to rectify your shortcomings.

Next week in my beginners series I’ll be teaching you how to associate your YouTube channel to a website you own so make sure to check back for that.

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