How to Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube is now the most popular video-sharing platform worldwide. Last March, Reuters stated that there are about 1 billion unique users visiting the website every month, which makes 1 in every 2 people using the internet. There are plenty of things that you can watch and do on Youtube. You can even start a business with it that’s why it is a good idea to create a Youtube channel!

Starting your own Youtube channel is really easy as pie. You need simple things to start. When you want to create a personal brand, a bright business idea would always come into play. The potential in Youtube is limitless! Put some commitment into play and you’ll soon reap your hard work. Now, what do you need when creating a channel? Check this basic guide!

Create a Google account (Unless you have one!)

Youtube works only through a Google account unless you have one already. Google accounts works like an all-in-one account nowadays because you can access your Gmail, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Drive. If you already have a Google account, then you don’t need to make another one. But if you don’t have it yet, then you better start creating your own Google account.

When creating a Google account, keep in mind that the Username you’ve chosen will appear when you make a Youtube account. Keep it unique, keep it you! Make sure to put in all your relevant information and verify your account as required.


Create Youtube Channel with existing Google Account

Once you have a Google Account, go to Sign in using the same login details. You can make a Youtube account using your existing Google account information. From here, you can start uploading videos, leaving likes and comments, and download videos for later. The username you’ve set up for Google will the one appearing when you upload videos and leave comments but you can change your displayed name once you make your own Youtube channel.


Can I create Google account without Gmail?

Google seems to be one of the most selfless things there is on the internet. You can find everything in it with no trouble at all! All you have to do is sign up for a Google account to get free access to all Google products like Docs, Sheet, Drive, Slide, Calendar, etc. You can create a Google account even without Gmail because you can link your current (non-Gmail) working email address with it.
Continue filling in all relevant personal information as standard sign up process. Once you’ve done so, you have to agree to Google’s Privacy and Terms. From here, you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your sign up. You are set and ready to start using your Google account using your own domain name even without a Gmail.

Creating a Youtube channel

Now that you have a Google account and on Youtube, it is about time to make your own Youtube channel. When you try to do anything with Youtube, it requires you to create a channel when you don’t have one yet. It is very easy! You can learn how to set up a Youtube channel in a few minutes!
First, you have to click on the upload button on the top right-hand side. You will be asked to verify your name and display photo once you click the upload button. You can use the same details as your Google account or stay anonymous. Be sure to read Youtube’s Terms of Service so you know what you’re signing up for. Now, click “Create Channel” and you are good to start uploading videos and leaving comments.

Tools for Creating a Youtube Channel

People create Youtube channels to share their life stories, make inspiring videos, gain followers, showcase their talent, and even reach out to the world. It all boils down to wanting to use Youtube as a personal brand more than just leaving comments and watching videos. When starting a Youtube channel, it is a good idea to have a personal brand. You can customize your Youtube account when you click the Icon button and go to Settings. You’ll be directed to Account Overview where you can create your Brand account.
Personal/Business Brand- Once you have decided on your brand account details, it is a good idea to start using tools when starting a Youtube channel. This will help you in many ways like video editing, channel promotion or marketing, and search options which will help you connect with your potential followers and viewers.
Unique About Section- Once you’ve created a Youtube channel, construct a creative About Section that would describe your chosen brand. People will often read this section to see what they can expect from your channel. Make sure to put your best self into writing because it will appear in many places in your channel.
Introduce Your Brand- Customize the cover photo of your channel.You can be extra artistic or minimal as long as you make that impact of a likable first impression to your viewers. It is also a good idea to make a channel trailer where you can introduce yourself and your business. Tell your potential audience what they can expect from you. This will be a good initial training in making your first Youtube video.
Optimized Videos for Search- It is a good idea to have your videos optimized for search. When uploading, be sure to fill in the video title, description and tags. These essential components will make your video easy to search for. Be sure to use a keyword-rich title and description but not too heavily filled write up. Keep in mind that Youtube is a Google-owned product so an optimized video can end up both in top searches of Youtube and Google.
Start Blogging- Aside from uploading videos and promoting your channel through social networking websites, it would cover more reach when you start blogging about your business. You can embed your videos in your blogs and start working on sending newsletters for your followers!
Engage More- You don’t actually need any tool to engage with people. The best way to build a community around your channel is to engage with the people to notice you. Always reply to comments, ask your community questions, answer their questions, and always hear out their voices.Give your audience what they want and you’ll get free word-of-mouth advertisement from these people who enjoy what you showcase.
Work on Youtube Ads- Investing in Youtube Advertisements can help get your brand further than you thought. It can help you target a specific group of viewers based on your preference. Using Youtube Ads is not really required but it can help promote your initial growth. You have to remember that a good combination of content and engagement can lead to organic search. It depends on how much time you are willing to put in this!
Now that you’ve learn the basics of creating a Youtube channel, be sure to repeat working on the tools and keep improving your channel. Target people who would like your business and engage more with your community. You do not have to spend a huge investment in ads. Focus more on building your content and community.

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