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How To Connect Your YouTube Channel To Twitter

As YouTube has changed it’s user experience over the years it has become increasingly harder to get your new uploads (let alone likes, comments etc) in front of your subscribers.

This means that you have to work harder to get your videos seen and one of the best ways to promote your videos and updates is via Social Media.

If like me you don’t have a lot of time spare on sites like Facebook and Twitter you may want to use a certain amount of automation when it comes to sharing your videos on social.

Luckily it’s a very simple process to connect your YouTube channel directly to your Twitter account which allows you to automatically share new uploads, when you add a video to a playlist and when you like a video (all of these are optional).

Connecting your Twitter account also has the benefit of adding your twitter handle to tweets auto-generated when someone else likes one of your video.

This not only allows you to see who is sharing your videos on Twitter but also to then engage with them off platform. Here’s an example from my buddy David Walsh:

So that’s Twitter covered, but what about the other social networks?

Connect Your YouTube Channel To Google+

Well, your YouTube channel is by default connected to your Google+ account so that automation is already taken care of.

You can post automatically by checking this box when setting a video live

The same goes for Twitter if you don’t have uploads set to post automatically.

I personally post all of my videos to Google+.

I know that Google+ often gets a bad rap from the YouTube community (I’m actually a big fan) but even if you aren’t active on G+, the SEO value alone from a G+ post makes it worthwhile.

Connect Your YouTube Channel To Facebook

As Of March 2015 YouTube no longer provides the option to connect your account to Facebook. No doubt because of their growing rivalry with the platform in the online video space.

Please note that previous links with your Facebook account will have been broken and the option to post directly to Facebook has gone.

I don’t think this is the end of the world however because of the fact that Facebook (because of that same rivalry with YouTube) now penalizes posts that contain links to YouTube videos and show them to fewer of your fan or followers.

If Facebook is important to you I’d recommend uploading videos natively to the platform.

Automating social media whether through YouTube or tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite can be a be very efficient but a word of warning before I go.

I wouldn’t propose running social accounts where your only posts are automated (G+ aside).

This is impersonal and cold and anyone that does follow you is likely to un-follow pretty swiftly or ignore you at best. Try to pepper it with just a few personal updates and if you can’t commit to keeping the profile active it?s probably not worth running at all.

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