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How to Keep Your YouTube Videos Playing with Adblockers

Video player will be blocked after 2 videos screenshot from youtube

Let me guess, YouTube is threatening you by blocking their video player and forcing you to either allow ads or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription at a ridiculously high price. We all understand the implications of this. In simple terms, YouTube aims to increase its revenue, which can also benefit content creators.

But, if you prefer an alternative, please continue reading the article. However, if you’re seeking a quick solution, download the Brave browser and enjoy an ad-free experience. (I hope that YouTube’s questionable tactics encourage users to consider alternatives and perhaps impact Google Chrome’s business.) I sincerely hope this message reaches the attention of Google and YouTube management:

  1. The tone of the message is somewhat threatening and imposing. It’s essential to treat your users with respect, give them time, and convey your point more gently. For example, when Wikipedia asks me to donate, I often contribute because their message resonates with me. However, YouTube’s (Google’s) approach feels forceful, leading me to reduce my reliance on various Google services and transition fully to the Brave web browser.
  2. You emphasize the “creators getting paid fairly” aspect, but many content creators already incorporate advertising within their videos and employ various other monetization methods, such as referral links, not to mention “thanks buttons”. It might be beneficial to revisit your advertising policy. I’d rather not watch Adsense ads on top of product placement ads by YouTube creators.
  3. Address the issues with your own ads. One reason I’ve resorted to blocking your ads is that they often seem irrelevant. Moreover, there have been instances of scammers exploiting your platform with ads, and it appears that these ads sometimes slip through the cracks. This situation could potentially lead more people into scams.

Now, onto the main question…

“YouTube Video player will be blocked…” How can I continue enjoying YouTube without ads and a premium subscription?

It’s as easy as pie – download the Brave browser. It has been available for a while, and currently, it offers robust privacy features, including a built-in ad-blocker that YouTube doesn’t detect. Personally, I’ve made the decision to switch to Brave and leave Google Chrome behind, given the perceived disrespect I’ve encountered on the YouTube platform.

I’ll also be sharing additional methods to avoid YouTube ads without triggering the video player block as I discover them. So, be sure to bookmark this link and share it with anyone who’s grappling with similar challenges.