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Youtube Comments

We’re so glad you found our article helpful. We know it’s not always easy to keep track of where you’ve left comments and who you’ve responded to, so we wanted to share with you a little trick that might make it easier.

If you’re on Youtube, there’s a feature called “pin comment” that lets people know when you’ve read their comment. This is great for making sure both parties are aware of what’s going on in the thread, but it can also be helpful for remembering what comments you’ve responded to—and which ones you haven’t!

If someone has left a comment on one of your posts and hasn’t seen a response from you yet, they’ll see a little message saying “x has seen this post.” Clicking on that message will take them directly to the comment they left!


Why you should pin your own comment on Youtube video

A man questioning himself about why we whould pin our comment on Youtube videoDid you know that you can pin your own top comment on your YouTube channel?

When you pin a comment, you highlight it and move it to the page’s top. It’s a great way to make sure your Youtube comments get seen by anyone who visits your channel.

The benefit of pinning your own top comment, what is it? If someone comments on your video after you’ve pinned your comment, their comment will appear below yours. So even if they reply to something else, they’ll still see what you said first! One of the best features of the YouTube app. You can find a community of people who share your interests and talk about them with you, as well as learn new things from people who have different experiences than you.

But sometimes, when we’re just starting out in our favorite communities, it can feel like we don’t really belong there—because we don’t know how to contribute or what to say.

What if you could get some practice commenting on those videos? What if another person saw your comment and told you it was awesome? That would be great! Wouldn’t it?

Well guess what: now there’s a way for you to do both of those things! By pinning your own top comment on YouTube, you can start building up your confidence and getting some feedback while making yourself visible as a valuable member of the community.


Pinned Comment

a woman showing the comment for youtube pinPinning a comment on YouTube is a great way to keep track of conversations and keep your community engaged. You can pin comments from videos, channels, or even live chats.

Pinning a comment is a great way to save the best and most important comments on your videos. To do this, select the pin symbol next to any comment. When you pin a comment, even when readers scroll down to see more comments, that comment will stay at the top of the comments section.

Youtube also allows you to pin any video that has been added as a response to one of your videos. You can do this by clicking on the “+” icon next to any video in your responses section and choosing “Pin”.


Desktop Version

a laptop and a comment pin for youtubeIf you’re on the desktop version of YouTube, just click the three dots next to any comment and then choose “Keep comment pinned.” It should be simpler for you to find your comments when people are reacting to them if you tap on the comment itself and then choose “Pin to top” if you’re using a mobile device.

You’re probably wondering how to pin a youtube comment. Well, it’s really easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on the comment you want to pin.

2. Click “Pin comment” after clicking the three dots in the top-right corner of that comment.

3. Pinning a comment on YouTube is a great way to keep track of the conversation around your video.

4. Open the video for which you want to pin comments.

5. Under the comment you want to pin, click “Reply.” A box will appear with that user’s profile picture, name and channel name at the top, along with the text of their message—and an option to “Pin” it at the bottom right corner of the box. Select this option to pin the comment so that it remains at the top of your comments section when scrolling through them in future visits (or select “Hide” if you don’t want it pinned).

6. That’s it! The comment should now be pinned to the top of the video page for as long as you have an account with YouTube.


How to Pin a Comment on YouTube Live Chat

a man shocked about youtube live chat for pin commentsIf you’ve ever wanted to pin a comment on a YouTube Live Chat, you’re in luck! It’s actually pretty simple. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the comments section of the video you want to pin a comment on.

2. Click on the three dots icon that shows up next to your cursor when you hover over the comment you want pinned.

3. Clicking on the “Pin comment” option in the drop-down menu will cause your comment to be pinned!


How to Pin a Comment on YouTube using an android

a woman showing her mobile phone for pinning comment on youtubePinning own comments on YouTube videos is an easy way to highlight your favorite piece of wisdom from the video, or a great way to bookmark a post comments that’s particularly helpful.

Pinning a comment is super simple, too! Here’s how:

1. Open the comment you want to pin.

2. In the top right corner of the comment, click the three dots menu.

3. Your comment will be pinned when you choose “Pin” from this option!

4. The comment will now show up as pinned at the top of your feed!



There you have it! Now you know how to pin a comment on YouTube. We hope this video helps you keep track of what you’ve been watching, and we hope it helps you stay informed about the content that’s being posted by people who care about your interests.

Thanks for reading!



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