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How To Create A YouTube Subscribe Link

When providing someone with a link to your YouTube channel it’s always best to send them a link which automatically takes them to a subscription opt-in like the one pictured to the right:

This way they are only one click away from subscription but still only one click away from seeing your channel page without subscribing if that is what they would rather do.

Check out my video below that will show you how to generate a direct subscribe link for your YouTube channel and then check out some extra tips on using them below as well as the URL modifier that will help you generate your link:

A few years back a direct subscribe link for your channel looked a little different:

This was phased out however as YouTube started to change its URL structure and username conventions. Now there are a number of ways your channel name can be displayed and not everyone has an old school Username for their channel and so YouTube have introduced a simple modifier you can add to your channel name to create a Subscribe link.

The modifier you add to the end of your channel URL to make a subscribe link looks like this:


Unlike the old way, the new url modifier works for all YouTube channel name/url types:

Channel ID:




Custom URL:


I would use this modifier anywhere where you provide a link to your channel. In your video descriptions, emails, social media, your website, the lot.

The only time you probably shouldn’t use it is when you’re sending to a friend or to a potential collaborator or business partner as it can seem desperate or unprofessional in those circumstances.

Although it’s an easy modifier to add it can be fiddly and hard to remember by heart so I suggest you save it somewhere safe such as a note on your desktop where you can easily copy and paste it from.

For an even easier way to remember it use a custom link shortener or redirect a page on your website to that subscribe link.

I hope this works for you and even if it only converts a few more visitors into subscribers it’s worth the effort.

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