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How To Enable YouTube Monetization By Joining The Partner Program

It used to be that only those who were invited or applied (and had to jump through a number of hoops) were accepted on to the YouTube Partner Program.

In days gone by being a Partner opened a lot of doors and gave you many advantages over those who weren’t. These features included custom channel art, custom thumbnails as well as the ability to make money on your videos.

You remember – when channel art was exclusive and looked like this:

The option to make money by enabling ads on your content is still the key benefit of being a YouTube Partner but it’s not such an exclusive club any more and the fringe benefits aren’t as different from a general user.

I recently ran through a number of advanced features that you can unlock by verifying your YouTube account, however, there are a number of special features reserved for only those who have joined up to the Partner Program.

I’ll run through the latest Partner benefits below but first check out the short video below (or watch it on the official FAQ Tube channel) to see how quick and easy it is to become a YouTube Partner.

5 benefits of joining the YouTube Partner Program
Enable Monetization

This is probably the main reason that gets people into the Partner Program.

Once you enable ads, they will be served on a select number of your views, which is controlled by an algorithm, and then you get paid via your Google AdSense account.

CPMs (or your level of revenue) can vary wildly depending on factors like the time of year through to the category of your videos so it can be very hard to estimate what you make by enabling ads.

Don’t forget too that you need to factor in YouTube’s cut of the proceeds. This may vary depending on your Partner agreement but general the standard cut to YouTube is 45%.

Fan Funding​

This virtual ‘tip jar’ is still in its infancy but as it’s rolled out I think this will be adopted by more and more Creators and will be a common call to action for people to request funding in videos.

Unlock this now by verifying your channel and see if your fans are willing to part with some cash for you.

Strategic & Technical Support​

As with point number four this feature is not unlocked to all partners. To unlock this extra support you need to be a partner and have amassed 75,000 total watch hours over the last 90 day period.

This rules out the vast majority of channels so this would apply to what I would call a “Premium Partner.”

Having access to an account manager and technical support is a huge advantage and one that I have been lucky to access over the last few years. Early access to Beta test new features as well as a direct contact when something goes wrong is a MASSIVE benefit so those watch hours are a great target to work towards.​Advanced Programs

These second “Premium Partner” features are fantastic for the intermediate-rising star Creators as it allows them further education and promotion via initiatives like Next Creator.

Also if you’re lucky enough to live in a city that has a Creator Space then you can use their professional level sets and equipment free of charge as long as you meet the local Subscriber requirements.

I’ve used the London Creator Space a number of times and it is an amazing space to work and meet other Creators. I still can’t believe it’s free!

Paid Content

I decided to leave this benefit until the end as it is likely not that useful for the majority of Creators and channels.

Enabling Paid Content will allow you to have the option to charge for the viewing of content at either the Video or Channel level.

To date paid content has not made a big impact on the platform (maybe because people are so use to paying nothing to consume YouTube video but if you want to learn more about it you can click here.

From the video it’s clear how easy it is to join the YouTube Partner Program and receive the benefits it brings but you must bear in mind that you are signing a legally binding agreement so read those terms and conditions carefully.

YouTube can provide a great stream of passive income once a video is uploaded and monetized as it can continue to get views (and earn you money) long after it’s been uploaded.

This can be a great way to earn revenue and potentially as some shining examples have shown, to make a full time living.

One that revenue is earned you need to physically get your hand on it on it if you intend to spend it so make sure to check out part 11 of this series where I’ll show you how to set up your Google AdSense account – this will be available next week.

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