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How To Audit Your YouTube Channel

Something isn’t quite right with your YouTube channel, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You’re pretty sure your content is tight but you have a suspicion maybe there are a few places you’re going wrong with either your channel or your YouTube SEO.

The trouble is you’re too close to your channel to be able to see any potential problems.

Fear not, I’ve got you covered with a YouTube Channel evaluation process you can follow to ensure you’re looking at your channel objectively, so you can make sure you’re running it like a pro.

Use this worksheet and audit your YouTube channel, make a list of changes to make and even get a star rating .

How To Give Your YouTube Channel A Basic Audit

The YouTube Channel Page
Channel Art & Avatar

This should convey what your channel is all about without having to rely on too much text. If you can include your upload schedule here, all the better.

You can get the image specs for channel art and a downloadable template by clicking here.


You should aim to use all of the Sections (formerly known as ?Shelves?) to show how your channel is full of amazing videos.

Mix up what the shelves consist of as well as displaying them vertically and horizontally to create a pattern interrupt.

youtube section editor
Featured Channels

Apart from just your second channels and your pals? channels these should also feature your competitors? channels. Click here to see why I suggest this.

Popular/Related Channels

I would suggest enabling this because if not you will not be included on this widget on other peoples Channel Pages.

related youtube channels widget
Unsubscribed Trailer

Channel “About” Section
Channel Description

The purpose of this text is to sell your YouTube channel, not your business.

Tell browsers what they can expect from the channel and make it keyword rich. Again include your upload schedule if you can.

Here’s a guide I wrote on how to write an optimal YouTube channel description.

Business Email

This should be enabled if you wish to be contacted for potential business, media or other opportunities.

youtube business email button
Custom Links

Links should only go to web properties that are relevant and active.

You should also optimize the text to attract clicks especially if you’re overlaying them on your channel art.

Video SEO

These should be shareable (so that you get your videos clicked) and structured for SEO (so that they get your videos discovered in the first place)


This is a complex topic that can’t be summed up in a few lines so check out my in depth article below:

The Definitive Guide To YouTube Tags

Channel TagsThese should be broad keywords that you’d be happy for any of your videos to rank for. This video shows you how to set your Channel keywords:


These should be structured consistently to sell the video in the first few lines and also to help sell other videos and the channel in the rest of the text.

You can find out what I think is the perfect YouTube Description structure here:

Achieve better YouTube SEO with better Video Descriptions

Content Health Check


Not only should these be attractive and clear at small sizes for mobile users, but it should work hand in hand with the video title to set expectations of what the video is going to be about.

unbranded youtube thumbnails

The start of your videos

Get straight to the point at the start of your videos. You should have already laid the groundwork with your Title and Thumbnail so no need for detailed introductions.

Also don’t fill the opening with long-winded branding or tile sequences.

Calls to action

These should be clear and plentiful. Here is what my experience tells me is the most effective way to implement a call to action:

1. A human in-vision with verbal and physical call to action to click on something

2. Human in-vision with verbal call to action

3. Human voiceover with verbal call to action

4. Text call to action

Also when I talk about making something clickable try to lean towards Cards and other widgets that work on mobile and try to move away from traditional annotations that don’t.

So there you have a basic audit you can carry out to get a rough idea of whether or not you are doing the right things with your YouTube channel and videos.

If you want to use these points to test your YouTube channel and even get a score on how well you’re doing, then download my audit checklist and objectively test what you are doing well and not so well.

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